Stop the Blank Check

$10 million a day to Israel just doesn’t make sense!

ACT: Sign a "blank check" calling on Congress to end aid to Israel

American taxpayers have given more money to Israel than to any other nation, despite the fact that Israel is one of the smallest and richest countries on earth.

Thanks to special interest lobbying, which, until now, has largely gone unopposed, Israel receives $3.1 billion American tax dollars each year in military aid, plus hundreds of millions more for additional weapons programs. This comes to a whopping $10.2 million per day (see breakdown). But that is not all. Special arrangements that benefit Israel combined with aid paid out to other countries on its behalf cost Americans nearly $7 million more each day and thousands of jobs.

We can't afford it – morally, financially, or strategically.

We need this money at home. +

Surveys indicate most Americans would oppose this use of our tax dollars. +

It is misused, causing tragedy in the region and peril to Americans. +

It hurts the cause of peace. +

Israel does not behave as a friend to the US. +

Why do we use the phrase “Blank Check”?

U.S. support goes far beyond the $10 million per day in financial aid that we give it. Israel and its partisans largely decree what American taxpayers give them: massive amounts of money, American weaponry and technology, trade benefits, UN vetoes, special treatment for its lobby, letting it off the hook when it spies on us and steals important resources.

There is never any debate over the massive financial aid given to Israel, and when it asks for even more money on top of its already huge annual allotment – which it frequently does – our politicians, under enormous pressure by wealthy campaign donors and lobbying organizations, give it to them... again without public debate or questioning. Even when Israel commits massacres, tries to sink a US Navy ship, kills Americans, violates U.S. laws, and ignores Presidential statements, our politicians give Israel massive amounts of our tax money.

(See The Staggering Cost of Israel to Americans for more details and source information.)